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Comments on Wiki; Adv. 7
November 24, 2008, 10:23 pm
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This may be a duplicate…..It will take some time to get used to how this is organized, just like it took practice to get used to Windows. The Wiki is great for sharing information and getting diverse feedback on comments.  I looked at “Library Success”. I was pleased to find “Info Eyes” under “Services for the disabled”. It enables the user to set up an appointment for an online chat with a librarian. The text is large type. I will see about adding this to our paper and online lists of resources for low vision patrons.


Advanced Google; Adv. 8
December 8, 2008, 9:52 pm
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Google News is very cool.  -It  enables you to translate news into the langauge of many countries. It uses the alphabets of each language instead of transliterating. -Google News also allows you to sign up for email news alerts on specific topics. -You can choose to read top stories under several different topics. I was impressed by links to great news sources such as the London Times and New York Times. It will be useful to log in to this from time to time. Since you can search a specific topic, it can be easily used for patrons’s reference questions.

I also looked at Google Books. I was pleased to see that you can download and print out-of-copyright classics. I found a downloadable Oliver Twist. If you are interested in under -copyright items, like Team of Rivals, Google links you to booksellers which have it. There are digitized books to preview or to download.

Google also has a neat Maps feature.  I looked at WPL. I clicked on the person to get a view of the street scene. Then I clicked on arrows to shift views North, South East and West. This feature will be great when patrons ask for directions to Northbrook, Glenview and other libraries.

Instant Messaging- Adventure 6
November 19, 2008, 6:55 pm
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Ask Away is cool, but I had some glitches.  I asked Ask Away a 2 part question. I asked a reference question I got last week: What are the committees in Congress in Washington and please list non-governmental-organizations in Washington. I told the Ask Away librarian a family member is looking for an internship. I got an immediate response to part 1. A web page popped up. Rob from another north suburban library was the librarian I reached. The answer was ok. But and have more user friendly lists than the .com site he found. After he forwarded the web page, our  connection was lost. Is this normal? I  got no response to part 2. Clearly Ask Away is great for questions that can be immediately  answered online without much research. This would be good for students needing clarifications, translations. I’ll try Ask Away again and see if it works.

Only recently did learn some of the terminology used in IM. It’s a fun way to streamline conversations. Some people who I email use these abbreviations in email.-  Laugh Out Loud; lol, By the way; btw, Before now; B4n

Comments on Podcast Exploration
November 6, 2008, 3:11 am
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I was listening to a podcast of an author interview from the Apple Store in Soho. I chose the interview with Junot Diaz, award winning writer of The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao. This is a book I would like to read. It’s autobiographical about the Hispanic-American experience. I listened to parts of other interviews too. They are long and substantive.  They would be perfect to listen to on the train or while taking a walk. In these Apple Store interviews, the authors answer inciteful questions and read from their books. I think our patrons would appreciate links from our home page to sites like this and NPR. It would be a way to reach younger patrons.

Podcast exploration
November 6, 2008, 2:57 am
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Junot Díaz: One-on-One

Adventure #4;
October 27, 2008, 11:35 pm
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As a reference librarian, I use the databases a lot. The scope and amount of information in is immense and growing and sometimes changing. For example, in the last few months, school yearbooks were added to the site. Whenever I teach the genealogy class, I review the entire database.  One really cool section is “Slave Narratives” under “Stories and Publications”. If you search for “Harriet Tubman” you can find an interview with a descendent of slave helped by Tubman. There is also an interview with a slave who sought help with Tubman.

A fun search I do in my class is for Charles Chaplin immigration info.  You enter his name under “New York Passenger Lists”. Enter his birth date which is “1889”. He sailed here twice in 1912 and 1921. Click on “View Passenger list” to verify that you have found the records for the actor. The records list his occupation.

YouTube post
October 22, 2008, 7:24 pm
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I did search for “mystery book collections”. I found a nice video apparently put out by Barnes and Noble. It’s really geared towards people who are much more mystery oriented than I am. However, I am looking forward to a new P. D. James and Walter Mosley which will be available soon.  

I think WPL could use videos to teach patrons about library resources. This could complement our internet and database and other computer classes. Patrons could follow-up and review what they learned in the classes.